How You Make Money With GTP Sites

GPT stands for “Get Paid To”. This acronym stands for other things as well, but this is the terminology used for certain sites/companies that pay people to do things. The flip side of GPT is CPA, which stands for “Cost Per Action”, which pertains to the company’s side of the deal, in which a company is responsible for paying the cost for an action of someone. Examples of this would be affiliate marketing; where you as an individual would perform some type of activity that promotes their company, such as referring others to their site, products, or services. You may have heard of a GPT site before but just wasn’t familiar about the array of GPTs that there are. For example, there are many popular, “Get Paid To Take Survey” sites that have been around for quite sometime. The pay that is given from all of these types of survey sites will vary, some vary drastically depending on the company, and how long or detailed the survey will be.

There are other GPT sites such as “Get Paid To Participate In Offers.” These sites will pay you for participating in company offers such as a free trial. These particular sites allow companies to advertise on their site, and traffic is brought to the site by giving people who participate in any of the company’s offers an incentive. The pay is often not much, but for someone who likes to browse around and look at companies to get paid anything for it, it might be appealing, and revenue from it can add up. Sometimes these sites will offer gifts instead of cash. You can see an example of this at

Another GPT site is “Get Paid To Look At Ads or Websites.” Today, there are many of these sites, and they pay you to view ads for a certain amount of time, usually anywhere from 5 seconds to 60 seconds. These Ads can be in the form of a video, a banner, or even the company’s actual webpage. All you have to do is view it for the recommended time to receive credit. An example of this kind of site is

Something to also mention about the these types of GPT sites is that they can be a very good way to advertise at a reasonable cost, and perhaps to a very targeted audience depending on what you are advertising. For many of the sites, just as they have other companies advertising for people to complete offers or view ads in hopes that the person will be interested their product or service and purchase it, you too can submit your ads for your company. This can be great if you are actually a person who will utilize both sides of the process. I wouldn’t advise anyone to put all of their time into sites like these, but the advertising may be worth a shot, especially if you are an online marketer.

Particularly, if you are advertising a home based business, you can find a reasonable amount of highly targeted audiences here for a low price. One particular site that I use is called Admimsy. I made 8 dollars and some cents in one day just by listening to a few advertising videos. That isn’t too bad, considering it was 8 dollars for a rather short amount of time and I barely had to do anything. In addition, you can advertise on Admimsy for as low as 15 dollars and get as many as 2400 guaranteed visitors for the price.

There are also GPT sites that various ways for you to get paid, not just limiting you to watching ads. In fact, most GPT sites do have a combination of things for you to do to get paid. The list of GPT sites could go on, as there are always new ones surfacing. There are probably too many for one person to know about. However, you will now know what a GPT site is if you come across one or if you hear someone mention it in the context of making money.

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